Diy Carpet Cleaning Tips You Should Know About

We all know that cleaning carpets is not at all an easy job. It also consumes lots of our time. If you have a carpet in your living room, then, you probably need to spend most of your time cleaning your carpets every week.

And if you are thinking of taking it out to clean it properly, then, it’s going to take a lot of your time before you can reuse it. Stains or dirt could be welcoming you while you try to clean your carpets. Stains and dirt are the major reason for your carpet’s dullness.

But, you can clean your carpet by Affordable Carpet Cleaning Company in Essendon. You should never step back when it comes to investing in your carpet. Let’s see some DIY carpet cleaning hacks to clean your carpets thoroughly.

Diy Carpet Cleaning
Diy Carpet Cleaning
  • Use Baking Soda: Baking Soda not only comes in the use of cooking food, but also it is versatile in nature and acts as a cleansing agent too. So, we can also use baking soda to get rid of greasy stains. Heavy and oily stains should not be allowed to sit on your carpets for long, either it will become a headache for you to remove later. The easiest DIY carpet cleaning method is to use baking soda on the spotted area. Spread baking soda on the spotted area, then let it sit for some time. With time it will absorb all the grease and don’t let them settle deeper inside the carpet fibers.
  • Shaving cream: The next one in our DIY carpet cleaning method is the use of shaving cream. Shaving cream has the capability to deal with or eliminate germs, dirt, or stains from the carpet. Just apply the shaving cream to the spotted area and leave it for some minutes. Then, after some time, wipe it with a damp or wet cloth.
  • Use salt: Another DIY carpet cleaning hack is the use of salt. Salt is a good cleaning agent too when it comes to getting rid of food stains. All you need to do is to mix salt with alcohol in the ratio of 1:4 and apply it to the affected area, then dab it and clean it. Salt has the capability to absorb moisture, so liquid stains can be easily removed with the help of salt. After the stain gets removed just vacuum your carpet once.
  • Lint Roller: Lint roller is a life-saving DIY carpet cleaning hack that can clean your carpets very deeply. Even if there is something hidden inside your carpets, then a lint roller will knock it out.
  • Ironing: Ironing is one of the most popular DIY carpet cleaning hacks. In this process, all you have to do is to place a dry soft towel upon the affected area and iron it. The heat of the iron will break the stain and it will be easy for you to remove.


In this article, we have discussed some amazing DIY carpet cleaning hacks, do follow them to keep your carpets clean and healthy. You can contact us online or phone us at 0340 507 972 right now.